Recording solution for call centers, operator and service center, customer care.

Smart Recording

Unity Smart Recording (USR) is a call recording solution. It combines communication features of the IP/Hybrid PBX system.

Record & Screen Pop-up

Automatically activates according to the call with predefined conditions.

Search & Listen Your Call

Provides superior connectivity with almost all PBX System via LAN


  • Recording automatically activates according to the call with predefined conditions (phone number, time, user, …)
  • On-demand recording (user enabled from phone or computer)
  • Public network connection-oriented (trunk-side) recording, allowing all incoming and outgoing calls to be recorded to all extensions of the telephone system.
  • Synchronize call information with the phone system (CTI, SMDR)

Screen Pop-up

The customer data contained in the database associated with the phone number (caller / called number) is automatically displayed on the computer screen allowing users to have enough information for quick processing. Quickly respond to customer requests as well as update necessary information.

Search and listen

  • Search by many criteria: center (location), time, duration, machine number, user (agent), queue, topic, note.
  • Allow users to update topics, information notes for each call and search again by topic, content of notes.
  • Export call list and information to file (.xls)
  • Listen directly through the web interface or download as .wav .files


  • Stored locally at each recorder, ensuring no data loss when the transmission to the center is interrupted.
  • Centralized storage at the server, automatically downloading from the recorder when there is a new call or according to a preset schedule.
  • Compress recording data to save storage space (6MB/h, GSM compression)Automatically delete recording data according to the maximum number of days of storage and ensure that minimum free storage space is maintained.
  • Automatically backup recording data to server drives and network drives (NAS/SAN)